Join us each morning for a warm welcome to your day. There will be plenty of fresh coffee, herbal and black teas, and various juices to get started. Enjoy a petite homemade muffin or a slice of our quick breads while we prepare your breakfast.

Our Apple Baked French Toast is divine, with molasses lending a tangy sweetness. The Sausage & Egg Soufflé recipe is a favorite from years ago and never fails to satisfy. Our quiche starts with a homemade crust, which is the key to its wonderful flavor. Of course when you’re in the middle of blueberry country, you can’t do better than pancakes made with real South Haven blueberries.

There is always a selection of fresh fruit, bagels, yogurt and cereal if you prefer a more continental-style breakfast. We can also prepare a breakfast to work with dietary restrictions such as gluten free or vegetarian.

The dining room has three separate tables and features one of the original crystal chandeliers. Most of the time, breakfast is served at 9, 9:30 or 10 am. You can expect to be seated with your travel partner, but not with someone you don’t know. When you arrive, we’ll let you know what is on the menu, and we’ll chat about your plans for your stay in South Haven.